Top 5 Men’s Tailoring Brand in Bangladesh

Everyone starts with the basics, no matter where they are on their style path. These days, men’s apparel businesses are trying some interesting things. Even with the core pieces, your look can be elevated to the next level with the right tailoring. Here is a list of the top five brands for men that will add versatility and quality to your sense of clothing.

Fit Elegance: Fit Elegance is the most preferred brand among men in Bangladesh. This brand was created to satisfy the increased demand for suits, blazers, and trousers. They design unique goods that are of the highest quality and would just fit perfectly. They have a major existence in the fashion world of Bangladesh. It is not just a brand, but a lifestyle you would like to have.

Fit Elegance is a subsidiary of East-West Industrial Park LTD, which has been in Bangladesh since 1985.

They feature ready-to-wear items and a luxury tailoring department with a large selection of fabrics. Crisp, sharp shoulders that make you want to admire the craftsmanship. Everyone agrees that Fit Elegance provides high-end suits for men. Every man needs at least one suit that would fit him perfectly. Fit Elegance is one of the fancied tailoring shops. They have a wide collection of formal slim-fit suits in different fabrics and colors. It would help the purchaser stand out from the crowd.

Fit Elegance offers tailoring suits, blazers, prince suits, waistcoats, Mujib coats, trousers, skirts, overcoats, sherwani, and safari. They have very respectable tailoring employees, and their level of excitement and devotion is marvelous. You may avoid all kinds of inconveniences as they can be found nearby. Tailoring

Alongside men, their Feme collection is spectacular. They provide the most suitable clothing for homemakers as well as working women.

It has 12 outlets all over Bangladesh. It is the classiest tailoring store you will find near you.

Currently, Fit Elegance is ruling the smart-formal wear realm. You must pay a visit to their store to get a taste of the quality of the product. It provides a luxurious service to discerning consumers who want to tailor their appearance.

Fit Elegance must be your first choice when you go shopping. As a men’s tailoring store, Fit Elegance is on its way to dominating the fashion sector of Bangladesh. It would be the nearest men’s tailoring shop for you.

Top Ten Fabrics And Tailors Ltd: If you are looking for a tailor at a comparatively low cost, then you can visit Top Ten. Top Ten Group has a good presence in the fashion sector. The Top Ten Group has produced a fair development in the women’s ready-made and men’s custom-made tailoring sectors. Top Ten has expanded over the years and currently has activities and investments in textiles. This brand has taken a few new steps recently. As a men’s tailoring store, Top Ten is not bad.

Raymond Raymond offers ready-to-wear garments and establishes its place in the textile industry. The brand is known for mediocre fabrics and appropriate materials. Raymond should be your choice if you are looking for a men’s tailoring shop near you. Their service is acceptable. It has a few branches in Bangladesh.

Dapper Bespoke:¬†Bespoke tailoring is the art of creating clothing from the ground up. Everything is made to order in bespoke tailoring to fit your preferences and body type; it is designed for you. There is a lengthy process for measurements, considering your height, body type, face structure, posture, and motions so that the clothing does not constrain your movements. You may witness their team drawing patterns, putting fabrics together, and seamlessly bringing the suit into shape while sitting. It can be found at Banani. So, if you live in Banani and have a lot of time on your hand, it would be the nearest men’s tailoring shop for you.

Star Tailors (Pvt.) Ltd. Dhaka, Bangladesh: It has grown into a passable tailoring firm in Bangladesh. Star Tailors is in full swing with its business. Star Tailors (Pvt.) Ltd.’s reputation and familiarity in the commercial sphere have improved. They are known for making suits at a reasonable price. You can check this tailoring store out if you are on a budget. It is located at the Century Arcade Shopping Center in Mogbazar.

A smart tailor knows when to caution a customer against making poor selections, such as excessively shortening a jacket or pair of pants. Skilled tailors consider a client’s age and the optimum fit for their body type. This article will help you narrow down the best tailoring stores and choose the perfect one for you!

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