One of the most effective moves that a man can make is to invest smartly in his clothes. The benefits of dressing sharply can be insurmountable in the long run. When a man enters a room wearing a well-tailored suit that complements his body type perfectly, it can make heads turn.

While almost every man has worn a suit at some point in his life, not every man has worn true tailoring. A bespoke or made-to-measure example constructed by a tailor is essentially a work of art for your body, with highly experienced hands–often several generations deep–meticulously measuring, cutting, and sewing cloth into form-fitting body armor.

It should be researched, planned, and executed efficiently, just like any other investment, because a man’s wardrobe begins and ends with outstanding tailoring. Here is a list of the top five places to make suits in Bangladesh:

Fit Elegance

This brand is your go-to. Your hero. Your savior. It is always a good idea to go to Fit Elegance if you are looking for wedding suits for men. It was founded in 2001. It has 12 outlets all over Bangladesh. No matter where you live, I am sure you will find a branch of Fit Elegance near you. When it comes to bespoke tailoring, Fit Elegance will always score the optimum position.

Like that of other markers of masculine formality, the fate of this long-established pillar of male decorum is in upheaval. The classic suit, like the tuxedo, promises to elevate the wearer to his most superior form. If you are willing to go full handsome mode, then Fit Elegance is your brand.

We all know that suits are the most fundamental piece of menswear that shapes your wardrobe. Fit Elegance is well known for bespoke tailoring. They cater to all kinds of clients, from businessmen to artistic types.

They have expert tailors who can work around soft and rounded, minimally padded shoulders and a small, high armhole with additional fullness. They offer complete customization with the best design in suits.

Fit Elegance gives you the best designer suits. If you are young, and looking for a modern cut and fairly chic suit that provides a sleek silhouette, you should check out Fit Elegance! Fit Elegance is a brand that won’t disappoint you at all. They always provide you with a flattering look. This brand is known for the champion suit tailor.

The expert tailors tailor the men’s suit so exquisitely that your waist will look small compared to your chest by providing an illusion with the help of padding. They have a strong reputation when it comes to bespoke tailoring. They always give importance to their customers and pay attention to details.

Dapper Bespoke

This is a good brand that you can have a look into. Do you know how there is always a hero’s sidekick in every movie? So if you were to get a tailor-made suit for your wingman, this should be the place for you. If you are willing to pay a good amount of money, you should visit their branch in Banani.

They are good for making wedding suits. If you feel like not getting too dressed up but still looking acceptable in your social group for an evening function, then Dapper Bespoke is for you. Although they provide less padding and structure to the shoulders, they can give an average-looking suit a nice sheen.

Star Tailors (Pvt.) Ltd. Dhaka, Bangladesh: It is another tailor for making nice suits. They are a flexible tailoring house that hands over a basic suit for men. They are located at 45 Banga Bandhu Ave. If you are a man in your middle age and do not want to go for fancy suits, you can have a look at this brand. Even if they have a cheaper price, the quality of their suits for men is compromised. Their designer suits are comfortable.

Top Ten Fabrics And Tailors Ltd

The Top Ten Fabrics and Tailors are not bad when making suits for men. They are known for their bespoke suits. This brand could be a hit or miss for many clients.

After all, choosing a tailoring brand is a very personal choice. Wedding suits are made here as well. If you have the extra cash to spend and want to give it a go for a couple of trails, you could examine it for yourself. You never know. Their designer suits could turn out to be your wild card.


This is a home service tailor in Dhaka. This bespoke suit brand offers you to have your designer suits measured at your home. If you are looking for a typical winter suit that will keep you warm and comfortable, check out this brand.

The suits may not seem too appealing, but they will be breathable. If you don’t mind looking a little odd and being separated from the general chic men’s wear, this brand is for bespoke tailoring. One good thing is that if you call them up, they will come over to your house and take measurements. For formal suits and pants, their cost goes from cheap to expensive.

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